Call List 3.7

Living Wage and Mayor Catherine Pugh of Baltimore

The $15 minimum wage bill passed in the city council but Mayor Pugh does not support it due to the “cost to the city”. Contact Catherine Pugh to let her know you support a $15 living wage for Baltimore.

Mayor Pugh (410) 396-4900 or email her here

Hydraulic Fracturing and State Senator Joan Carter Conway for District 43

Joan Carter Conway continues to block the fracking ban bill from being approved out of committee in the senate. Senate president Mike Miller will have control over bringing these bills to the floor.

SB 740 A full ban on fracking

SB 230 Healthy Working Families Act (mandatory sick leave)

SB 880 The MD Pretrial Reform Act of 2017 (bail reform)

Contact Joan Carter Conway and Mike Miller to let them know you support these bills.

State Senator Conway (410) 841-3145,

President of the Maryland Senate Miller (410) 841-3700,

Decriminalizing Education and Our State Delegates for District 43

Mary Washington is supporting these bills to help students:

HB 425 Ban for out of school suspensions up to 2nd grade

HB616 Making pregnancy appointments and birth excused absences from school

Call our other delegates, Maggie McIntosh and Curt Anderson to encourage them to cosponsor and vote for these bills.

Delegate Curt Anderson (410) 841-3291

Delegate Maggie McIntosh (410) 841-3407,

School Funding and Governor Larry Hogan of Maryland

While a commission has found that the Baltimore school system has been underfunded by the state and multiple audits have occurred with positive reviews, the governor calls the schools “an absolute disaster” with “no fiscal accountability”. Tell the Governor to increase funding for schools and keep promises made about casino funds for school.

Governor Hogan (410) 974-3901 or email him here

Affordable Care Act and Congressman Elijah Cummings

Representative Elijah Cummings (D – MD, 7th District) wants to hear from you:
“I believe we need to show Republicans what will happen to you and millions of Americans if they rip away the protections of the ACA. So I want to hear your story. Has the ACA helped your family save money, get health insurance, or receive care? Please share your story here.”

Jeff Sessions, Russia and Senators Chris Van Hollen and Ben Cardin

Sessions’ communications with Russia just raises bigger questions. Contact your MoCs with this new script from Indivisible and ask them to demand both Sessions’ resignation and a full investigation into the Trump administration’s connections with Russia.

Senator Van Hollen (202) 224-4654 or email him here

Senator Cardin (410) 962-4436  or email him here

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