Call List 3.13

These are current issues that members of the ACR are contacting their representatives about:

Baltimore City:
Catherine Pugh (Mayor)
In support of 17-0018 City Minimum Wage Bill
In support of full funding for Baltimore City Schools
(410) 396-4900
Office of the Mayor
250 City Hall, 100 N. Holliday Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21202

Maryland’s 14th State District:
Curt Anderson (Assembly)
Against HB 1280 (supported by the bail bonds industry and sponsored by Anderson)
In support of 1390 (real bail reform supported by LBS and MAJR)
(301) 858-3291,
House Office Building, Room 314
6 Bladen St., Annapolis, MD 21401

Joan Carter Conway (State Senate)
In support of SB 740 Full ban on fracking
Against HB 862 Fracking moratorium (sponsored by Conway)
In support of HB 860 Food stamps for felons and families of felons
In support of HB 1390 Bail and pretrial justice reform
(410) 841-3145,
Miller Senate Office Building, 2 West Wing
11 Bladen St.
Annapolis, MD 21401

Larry Hogan (Governor)
In support of full funding for Baltimore City Schools
In support of the Maryland Trust Act
In support of funding for Planned Parenthood
In support of a full ban on fracking
(410) 974-3901
100 State Circle
Annapolis, Maryland

Maryland’s 7th District in Congress:
Chris Van Hollen (Senate)
Against his plans to work with Trump on Infrastructure and calling for finding “common ground” with Trump instead of division
Thank him for calling for Jeff Session’s resignation
Urge him to open a Baltimore office
Express outrage that he gets more money from lobbyists than any other member of the senate (article in Huffington Post)- he should be called on to adopt the “People’s Pledge” (set of agreements to donate and otherwise refuse outside money) which he once offered to negotiate with Donna Edwards but she declined- he should promise to adopt the pledge alone to assure his constituents that he will never again have this distinction.
(202) 224-4654
110 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

Donald Trump (President)
Where to start?
(202) 456-1111
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

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