Call List 6.7

These are current issues that members of the ACR are contacting their representatives about:

Baltimore City:

In support the city council’s cuts to the city budget intended to fund more money towards schools and youth programming. The pressure is still for the mayor to go along with increased funding to fill the school gap.

Catherine Pugh (Mayor)

(410) 396-4900 or email her here

Office of the Mayor
250 City Hall, 100 N. Holliday Street
Baltimore, Maryland  21202

Maryland’s 43rd State District:
Larry Hogan (Governor)
In support of adding Maryland to the list of states adopting the guidelines of the Paris Accord.
(410) 974-3901 or email him here
100 State Circle
Annapolis, Maryland

Maryland’s 7th District in Congress:

Get well wishes for Elijah Cummings who recently underwent heart surgery!
Elijah Cummings (Representative 7th District)
(410) 685-9199 or email him here
1010 Park Avenue Suite 105
Baltimore, MD 21201
In the Senate, against changing the way federal agencies regulate everything from food safety to toxic chemicals, to vote against the RAA.

Chris Van Hollen (Senator)
(202) 224-4654 or email him here
110 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
Ben Cardin (Senator)
(410) 962-4436 or email him here
100 S. Charles Street Tower 1, Suite 1710
Baltimore, MD 21201

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