Call List 4.30

These are current issues that members of the ACR are contacting their representatives about:

Baltimore City:
Catherine Pugh (Mayor)
In support of full funding for afterschool programs. That she honor her commitment to meet with youth activists from BYOP (Baltimore Youth Organizing Project) on afterschool funding issues.
(410) 396-4900
Office of the Mayor
250 City Hall, 100 N. Holliday Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21202

Bernard C. “Jack” Young (Council President)
In support of the full $9.2 million for after school funding. For the council to pressure the mayor for its inclusion in the budget.
100 Holliday Street Suite 400
Baltimore, Maryland, 21202

There is a meeting of the Northern District Community Relations Council on Wednesday May 17th at the Northern District Office at 7pm to learn more about the consent decree. 200 W. Cold Spring Lane.

Maryland’s 14th State District:
Larry Hogan (Governor)
In support of the Earned Sick Leave bill. He has about 25 days left until this becomes law.
(410) 974-3901
100 State Circle
Annapolis, Maryland

We would like to find out more about the summer study on rent court reform and how we can pressure our judges or representatives on this issue. See the current series in the Baltimore Sun. If anyone has a contact or information on the Public Justice Center or how we might get involved please share.

Maryland’s 7th District in Congress:
We did not contact our national representatives this week. There is a suggestion to take an action on net neutrality next week, either by writing to Ajit Pai (head of the FCC) or our representatives and/or making a public comment on the rule change. More information on how to comment on the rule change and talking points are needed.

There is a Baltimore wide call for contacting friends and family who live in the states and districts of moderate or swing Republicans to pressure their representatives to oppose the repeal of the ACA. Use this link with a list of the best representatives to pressure on this issue. The twitter feeds of Andy Slavitt and Topher Spiro are full of resources you can link to. You can google to find the district office phone number of the Congressman you’re targeting and make it easy for the people you’re contacting to make the call.

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